Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My name is Sophie and my husband's name is Hugo and we are sexual adventurers.

I work for a national newspaper and Hugo runs his own business from our home in Islington. We have been married for four years. We have no children because we have chosen not to. We lead happy, affluent lives, pleasing ourselves and enjoying our careers.

But we have got into something. Something we can't tell our friends about. Sometimes I find it hilarious to think of what would happen if we told them about The Episodes, but mostly I just shudder. They lead very straight lives...

We are sexual adventurers. We have sex in front of other couples. It started with us making contact via the internet a few months ago with another couple. We met up at a hotel and had sex in each other's company. The couples did not mix, we stuck to our own partners. But it was the biggest turn-on we had ever known. It would not be an exaggeration to say it has changed our lives.

That's how it started. One couple. And then, somehow it just grew. Word of mouth. Very discreetly. Now we have started going to the best hotels, we rent the best country homes, and with other attractive professional couples we have sex in front of each other. There, I've said it. Thank God for shiraz... Hugo calls these evenings The Episodes, and I wish I had the energy to explain why. Maybe tomorrow.

We never guessed how it would take off. There is simply nothing else out there like it and that is why couples are contacting us. I don't know what to say next - there is so much happening and it's so thrilling because we've started something we can't stop. But like Hugo says, why would we want to stop it? This blog thing won't seem such a good idea tomorrow when the wine has worn off. I'm not sure if I will post again, but if we see you at The Episodes, well, we'll see you...

S x